Proudly made in America (Poultny, VT) and with the highest quality, long lasting materials–there are no sharp edges or corners and your trees will be undamaged and jumps can be easily moved up or down. The TIMBER TIE is powder coated in dark brown that enhances the natural look of cross country jumps. Each set includes heavy-duty releasable and reusable ties that secure the cross piece if needed.

The TIMBER TIE Complete System
Includes: 2 TIMBER TIES, 2 Secure Ties & 2 Cargo Straps

$235.00 plus tax, shipping is flat rate $15.00 per system.

The TIMBER TIE Hardware
Also includes 2 Secure Ties

$195.00 plus tax, shipping is flat rate $15.00 per system.

How to Use

The TIMBER TIE is affixed to a tree by means of a strap or rope. On a large tree, the strap can be looped through the holding bracket on one side, run along the back of the tree, through the next holding bracket and back along the tree to the clasp. This gives 2 layers of web strap to secure. The ratchet affect of the tie and strap will help secure the position of the log.


We’re pleased to showcase a few of the TIMBER TIE Systems put to use. We’d love to show more examples so please email photos/comments to so that we may share everyone’s creativity.

Riding is acknowledged to be a dangerous activity. Field Jumps LLC accepts no responsibility for the use of jumps or their construction. Children should not attempt to adjust jumps as the materials and brackets are heavy. WARNING: No warranty or representation is made with regard to this product, its design, construction or use. Equestrian activity including, but not limited to, jumping is inherently dangerous. There are both hidden and non-hidden dangers. Seller does not in any manner warrant the fitness of the goods supplied for the equestrian jumping or any other use. Any and all warranties, express or implied, of merchant ability and/or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby excluded.

Perfect for Eventing, Schooling, Hunter Derby, Fox Hunting, Clinics, Camps and Pony Club

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